Spider Vein and Capillary Treatment- Not Worth It!

I have a bit of redness around my nose and a few...

I have a bit of redness around my nose and a few spider veins on my legs. I only had one treatment and was told when I left the office that the the veins and redness would fade within a weeks time. They never actually changed.

The other con was that I was not suppose to tan. If you are too tan, they wont do the treatment.

I'd check out sclero. My doctor used Asclera. Lots of jabbing, but required only 1 followup to remove the veins. No staining or shadowing
i always tell all my sclero patients it will take between 3-5 sessions. sometimes it takes less but i always lower expectations. sclero is not perfect and some veins just are stubborn.

compression afterwards is important.
focal compression of the treatment areas is important.

veinwave or veingogh may be effective on your nose spider veins. sometimes it too requires multiple visits.

sometimes reconfigging the settings on the machine helps too.
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