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Lumpy Fat Injection Under Eyes

There are no pros to having fat injected under...

There are no pros to having fat injected under your eyes. Fat is way too thick. Afterwards, my Dr. explained it, unlike other fillers, tends to 'colonize' and make its own lumps. Im 4 months out and still everytime I glance in the mirror I see a haggard old woman because of the bags I paid to have injected under my eyes.


I had fat injected under my left eye back on May 25, 2010. It looked like that I had a white rope/bag/pouch under my left eye. I was so disappointed..Last week I had to endure another painful blephoroplasty to have the fat removed. It took over two hours due to the fat attaching itself to the skin and muscle. My advice is to never ever have fat injected under the eye. It cost me another $1500 to have it corrected. I am sick to my stomach for the waste of money, pain, and hiding behind my sunglasses all summmer..
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