Please Research First!!!

My teeth were OK, but I always wanted to have a...

My teeth were OK, but I always wanted to have a nicer teeth. So I had six lumineers put on my upper teeth. The teeth were to big in comparison to my other teeth. Even my family said that my smile changed for the worst and the teeth look way so fake. I also got many cavities on top were the lumineer is bonded to.part of the lumineer has become yellwish and unplasent. I am so sorry that I WASTED my money in such a stupid way. I went to my dentist and said that in orden to remove them,the natural ememel will be damage for sure. Please research before you do it. I got a costumer service call after I got them and did not care about how unsatisfated I was. Do not do it.

Who in New Mexico did them? I am here and would love to avoid a bad job.
I think both. There is nothing I can do about it. I recently moved and my new dentist told me that I will have to get veneers in order to fix my unplesant smile.

Sounds stressful (and expensive).  Thanks for sharing.  Do you think it was the lumineer product or the dentist that led to your unhappy result?

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because did not care about my satisfaction. Also the dentist should tell you that your teeth will be damage if you decided to remove the lumineers.

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