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My teeth were ok looking. After some years and...

My teeth were ok looking. After some years and several crowns, my teeth began to fade in shade and the crowns started to stick out like white jelly beans (people thought I had nice teeth, this is my opinion only). I took the plunge and got 10 lumineers placed on my upper teeth with minimal preparation. What a difference! My smile is near perfect. I actually paid for 8 lumineers and my wonderful dentist gave me two for free and threw in zoom whitening on my bottom teeth. I have been receiving dental care from this dentist for 9 years so I know him quite well. I am very pleased with the results. Placing the lumineers is a lengthy detailed process but the results are well worth it as well as the cost. My smile is great, I highly recommend lumineers.......

I think you'd better stay a student...
Do you think your doctor can do my teeth for the same price? am a student and i was wondering if he accepts payment in desparate so any advice wil be appreciated
I've always wanted a Hollywood smile (my teeth are not the best color and have gaps between them),but wasn't comfortable with the thought of veneers because it requires to 'shave' off a lot of tooth structure. Lumineers seemed to be the right answer. It was quick and painless. But the very first time I saw my new smile,I was dissapointed:they are thick, almost to the point that my teeth look curvy (I placed 6 uppers). More than that: 3 month later, 2 of them got chipped! - Speaking about beautiful smile for more than 20 years!! - When I called Lumeneers by Serinate, they refused to answer my questions.You'd you think they are obligated to explain why this happened-after all,you spent a lot of money, but... Please, don't rush into the procedure: research first. Apparently, I didn't.
Dr. Robert Deaver - Chicago

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