Luchtime Lipo?

I decided to try FIG to help with my lower stomach...

I decided to try FIG to help with my lower stomach that I just couldn't seem to loose despite weight loss. I had my first treatment yesterday morning. It didn't hurt while they were doing it and I was told that there was minimal to no pain. Well about half way through my drive home (It's about 45 minutes) I had to pull over because the pain was so bad. Since then, I can hardly walk, I have been vomiting, and been really sick to my stomach. The pain is SO bad it has brought me to tears. I can't move! I have a very strong pain tolerance, but this is not what I expected! I don't know if I will continue treatment. Thank goodness it is a 3 day weekend cause I could have never went to work following this! I don't know who these people are that claim to be able to get it done on their lunch hour and go back to work, they must be super-human! I AM IN PAIN!
I agree with the high pain. I just finished treatment number 7 for my lower abs, and I am not going to do any more!! My stomach swells so bad that it literally looks like I am 6 months pregnant, and I have trouble walking, sleeping, sitting, everything. The max injections I've had were 30 at a time, and they want me to go to 40... NO WAY! Some of the injections do hurt, I noticed the closer they get to my sides or to areas with lumps still there from previous injections, those do feel like bee stings, and the others are virtually painless. Just like other who mentioned a high pain tolerance, I thought I had a high tolerance as well, but after the injections, I have to stay home for 2 days before I even feel good enough to go out walking around. I certainly don't go in public, I dont want anyone to ask when I am expecting my baby....only to explain the horrible truth that it's the treatment. I have had no results either...none, not one inch loss on my lower abs.
The pain wasn't that bad. The injections feel like you are getting stung by a bee. I just got it done today and I am at work right now. I am swollen (so wear loose fitting clothes), take a anti-histamine 30 minutes before the treatment to reduce any burning or itching, eat before you go because some people to get nauseous (I didn't though), and expect bruising. This isn't a bad procedure at all, if you think you might be more sensitive then call ahead and ask them what they suggest to lower the discomfort.
I disagree 100%. The injections do feel similar to bee stings and didn't hurt to bad. However, the pain following was bad. I have never been sensitive to pain and have a very high pain tolerance and this was bad. I didn't get nausea until the next day. I took an anti-histamine as well and the itching wasn't really bad. I also found that tight fighting clothing (i.e. spandex shorts) felt better than loose fitting clothing because it kept it constricted. I wonder if this is your first set of injections...cause I was ok the first day as well. It was day two that I could not move or walk. I hope that you do not have the side effects that I had, however; I maintain that you are the exception because I am running into more and more people that are saying the pain is way more than they anticipated or were informed of.
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