Happy I Did It - but Don't Expect Miracles

I had a lower eyelid bleth a little over six...

I had a lower eyelid bleth a little over six months ago. I did research on the surgery for about 8 months to get all the info I could and to make sure I really really wanted to go thru with it. I picked a very good doctor (one who had been chosen a few years prior to do Extreme Makeover), who was not the cheapest, but this eye surgery is something you don't want to be "bargain shopping" for! I was 39 when I had the procedure done - and had what I felt were fairly noticeable bags under my eyes. Even when I'd wake up after a good night of sleep and spend a hour doing my hair and makeup, I still looked tired. I did't want to "go under" with general anesthia, so I had the procedure done with just a local. A bit unnerving, but do-able. I was able to feel a few of the laser cuts (my dr. did the entire surgery with lasers), but even then, the pain was manageable. I think I took my prescribed pain pills the very first night home, and then threw the prescription away because there was not enough pain to warrant them. The scariest part is seeing your eyes after the surgery. I didn't bruise on the outside of my eyes, but the whites of my eyes were filled with red blotches from the laser guards that had been resting on them during the surgery. There was also alot of swelling - and just a head's up - the swelling takes WAY longer to subside than they tell you. I went back to work about two weeks later and my eyes looked irritated - like I had allergies or something. No one noticed anything unusual. As far as improvement, it took a good two months before I could see some improvement - and it took a full 6 months for the residual swelling on the scars to subside to the point where is wasn't readily noticeable (to me). Even now, my scars are still pinkish and there is a wee bit of swelling which is slowly going away. Bottom line - looking back on my "before" photos I can now see a big difference. I don't think it took "years" off my appearance, more or less just took away the really tired look. I am glad I did it - though during the first few months I thought I had wasted my money. Expect results to take longer than you think. Do lots of research and have patience!!
I just want to say that its been two years since I had my bleth done and now I am quite happy that I did it! It took a year to really be able to see the results, and now my eyes look great! People guess my age to be 7-10 yrs younger than I am. I still say you have to have patience and realistic expectations but I am very glad I did it.
I am so nervous to have my eyes done for fear of hollowness, I was told I need fat also put in but I heard so many horror stories, I just have a tired look and want to look naturally refreshed, should I quit while Im ahead, any recos for nyc doctors
I had the eyelids done at age 60. In a week, I had few bruises left and some swelling. But the pain was gone in 2 days. I iced the first 48 hours religiously. That is VERY important. I also took certain vitamins my dr. provided in his fee. So, far (8 days from surgery) I am glad I had it done.

Its been a little over 4 yrs since I had the under...

Its been a little over 4 yrs since I had the under eye bleth done, and I have already been told by my current plastic surgeon that I could use a "skin pinch" under my eyes! Needless to say the results have not lasted as long as I would have hoped. In addition, I do have quite a bit of under eye darkness and have wondered if this is in any way a result of having some of that fat removed with the surgery. Still glad I did it though.
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