Loving my Lipo Results

I got my surgery 3 days ago and can already see...

I got my surgery 3 days ago and can already see the results. I maintained a low-sodium diet pre and post surgery and really think that has a lot to do with it. You never see hardly anything about the importance of the diet, not only in every day life but especially for surgery.

I hardly have any swelling and bruising is there but very minimal. I also walked for 10-15 minutes right after surgery and for 10 minutes every hour...and am walking more each day. I can't believe that I would see results this quickly.

Good Luck to you all.

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Dear "Loving your Lipo Results," May I ask what you had done? I am looking for a good doc. but prefer a referral in CA. Can you e-mail me if I give you my email address. Not sure if you are able to post this way and/or if you wouldn't want to. It's been a while since your post, so not sure if you'll even see this. Thank you!
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Hi there, Where are you in CA? I had lipo on my hips and butt....I'm fairly thin but I could not get rid of those damn Saddle Bags....and I accumulated a bit of "padding" on my hips too. :-}

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Hi HealthyOne4Life, I am in the L.A. area. Where are you? Are you enjoying your results? Due to an injury, I cannot work out the way I used to (presently, anyway) and like you, I am thin, but need a bit of tightening up and I know I could do it on my own, but it's too hard on my back. Therefore, looking into other options. How did your recovery go? Also, did it make a big difference? Some of the things I'm reading online about lipo, scare me. Thanks!! :)
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I had a liposuction- abdomen and flanks one month ago. I still have pain, but it's bearable. My surgeon was honest and said that the after care is as important as the intervention itself and vital in the final results. The massage must be commenced in the third week, done twice weekly. My abs dont look fabulous at the moment, but i can definetely see a change in my shape, and I'm really happy I've done it.
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Great, glad to hear that you are enjoying the results. After showering I always give extra special attention to those areas that were lipoed just so the skin gets back to normal quicker.

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