Loving my Lipo Results

I got my surgery 3 days ago and can already see...

I got my surgery 3 days ago and can already see the results. I maintained a low-sodium diet pre and post surgery and really think that has a lot to do with it. You never see hardly anything about the importance of the diet, not only in every day life but especially for surgery.

I hardly have any swelling and bruising is there but very minimal. I also walked for 10-15 minutes right after surgery and for 10 minutes every hour...and am walking more each day. I can't believe that I would see results this quickly.

Good Luck to you all.

Dear "Loving your Lipo Results," May I ask what you had done? I am looking for a good doc. but prefer a referral in CA. Can you e-mail me if I give you my email address. Not sure if you are able to post this way and/or if you wouldn't want to. It's been a while since your post, so not sure if you'll even see this. Thank you!

Hi there, Where are you in CA? I had lipo on my hips and butt....I'm fairly thin but I could not get rid of those damn Saddle Bags....and I accumulated a bit of "padding" on my hips too. :-}

Hi HealthyOne4Life, I am in the L.A. area. Where are you? Are you enjoying your results? Due to an injury, I cannot work out the way I used to (presently, anyway) and like you, I am thin, but need a bit of tightening up and I know I could do it on my own, but it's too hard on my back. Therefore, looking into other options. How did your recovery go? Also, did it make a big difference? Some of the things I'm reading online about lipo, scare me. Thanks!! :)
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