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Radiesse has been fabulous. Loved the Results - Sydney, AU

Radiesse has been fabulous. i had perlane injected...

radiesse has been fabulous. i had perlane injected before and became swollen for two weeks and the product did not sit properly and was un natural. Radiesse has lasted more then a year and looks incredible. My nose has been reshaped, my cheeks enhanced, lines around my mouth treated and the jaw line. the Radiesse is soft, natural and was half the price. my friends tell me i look very well and cannot tell that i have had anything done.
Hi Jeannie Great to hear you had a good experience with Radiesse here in Sydney. Would love to find out what your thoughts are six months down the track. I am interested in getting it for my nose, jaw line and mouth lines - any recommendations? Thanks a lot. Jon
Hi, Have you by any chance found any clinics in Sydney who uses Radiesse on nose? I am interested in getting it done too. Thanks ML
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