Loved The Results, Hated the Experience

I booked for a Green Peel, never having had one...

I booked for a Green Peel, never having had one before and I wanted something that wasn't chemical based. Well to begin with the therapist came to me and preformed the procedure, which was nice. But OMG! the pain of the peel was to say the least unbearable. But she was very gentle in her application, it was just eh product doing its work. She consulted with me before and as she was applying the products she told me what to expect, but it still hurt like hell. The the peeling began, I totally freaked, I looked like snake woman. But that was the first day, and the next couple of days, it went better. Then the last day was when I saw that all the torture was worth it. My skin felt smooth and soft to the touch, it looked great, a bit red in some places, but that was not too bad, and it felt toned. Would I do this again, YES, but in about 4-6months time. This was the recommendation of the therapist, she said it is quite strong to have it done too often.
Hi Jackie, only a qualified therapist can give a green peel, I paid around 1400 euro for two peels, it may seem expensive but I cant put a price on having my confidence back. Best of luck
can you order this on the web? or do you have to go to a dr/spa / therapist?? how much does it cost? thanx
Having been blessed with stretch marks for three years (i had them on the backs of my legs,tops of my thighs,my hips and my back)and after trying every known cream/oil/remedy on the market,i finally have my confidence back and all thanks to a green peel,and a wonderful,understanding therapist (bernie fahy) I truly reccommend a green peel for every women out there who feel all hope is gone.
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