LOVED the Results of my Facelift

I have worked in the medi spa field over the past...

I have worked in the medi spa field over the past 3 years and I recently had a mid face lift perfomed. I can tell you from many experiences that good results are a combination of your own attitude combined most importantly with a fantastic doctor. Dr. Curtis Schalit performed my surgery and not only did he do a fantastic job but he was readily available to me before, during and after the surgery. I was not handled by a PA or other assistant. His personal attention and artistic professional skills are what made this a definite positive in my life.
Patty B
Ormond Beach, Fl

These blogs are so helpful to me and thanks so much to all of you who participate. I am planning on having a "Quicklift" in another month or so. I'd very much like to hear from anyone who has had this proceedure done by Dr. Boris Volshteyn. This will be neck and lower face. If you have any information on your experience with Dr. Volshteyn's services, I'd very much like to hear from you before I make my final decision. I'm in Reno, Nevada. Thanks.
Hi Elva.........You can write me.
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