Loved the Results, Worth Every Penny, Was Numbed Before Procedure, No Pain at All

I have wanted fuller lips for a long time now, i'm...

I have wanted fuller lips for a long time now, i'm 49 and lost my youthful looking lips.I finnaly got the courage and set up an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. I came on this site and read a lot of discouraging comments, which scared me but I had the procedure, and it was the right decision. I got back my youthful look and you can't put a price on that. So I'd say find a GOOD DOCTOR that you feel confident and comfortable with, and don't let other people's bad experiece stand in your way of having any procedure with restylane.


It's easier to find a "GOOD DOCTOR" when reviewers post the name of their doctors. =)
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I live in FL and I wanted to know what doctor you went to. I am looking for a good one. Thanks!
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