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I was recently considering skin treatment to rid...

I was recently considering skin treatment to rid myself of crows feet around the eyes and superficial lines on the forehead. I was originally going to get Coolaser ($5,000) or Juvederm injections ($1,200). However, I felt like I was being overpriced for both treatments since I don't have a serious problem with wrinkles or superficial lines.

I decided to get LED treatment instead and it worked after only 1 treatment. I was getting botox, restylane, and glycolic acid peels and wasn't getting anywhere near the same results.

My superficial lines are slightly visible, however, I plan on getting more treatments over the next 3 months. Although the Coolaser probably is the best treatment for the face known to man, I don't quite need it yet. For that matter, the LED was sufficient for me.


What is the LED treatment like? Is it for the face only? Also, I haven't really heard of the Coolaser...who makes it? And, who has it? I live in LA area. Thanks.
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Can you give an update?
Anything good or bad after more treatments? Thanks.
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