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I've had it done 3 time in LA. - Loved It - Los Angeles, CA

I've had it done 3 time in LA, if I get x-rays...

I've had it done 3 time in LA, if I get x-rays too he gives a huge discount. People comment that it looks great. It helps if you maintain it with home whitening though. It only took an hour and I watched a movie during the process.


Switched dentists to Afsoon Gerayli, D.D.S in Westwood. A lot of people don't like the results I think because a lot of dentists don't REPLACE the whitening gel every 15 minutes. They just reuse the old stuff and you don't get very white. Gerayli doesn't do that and my mom just had it done with her too and drinks a ton of coffee so she was really stained. It looks so much better now.
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Are you talking about Westwood Mass?
Amir Agaki

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