Loved It! But Still Healing from Cool Lipo Done 15 Days Ago....

I had cool lipo done about 15days ago now and i...

I had cool lipo done about 15days ago now and i saw great results right away! Swelling is occurring now but i was told about it. After all it is still major surgery that my body is recovering from. But all pain is gone and im back to feeling normal :-) I don’t yet fit into my jeans but that’s because of the swelling im experiencing. it seems to get better if i stay active and not sleep all day like i was doing most of last week! LOL Well I would recommend a lot of research on a great doctor and your results will be great! Do over expect to much and nothing is for sure... but its so far so good for me!

I'll repost on the 27th-28th on my 6 week check up....


Hi There! So sorry with not answering....I had not been on here in awhile. I love my results on my abs, flanks and back side. Totally love it. Every day seems to get better.

I just got my arms, upper bra and axilus done on Wedensday, October 26, 2011. I am very pleased. I know I will be swollen for awhile, however, the compression garment will help.

My Dr was Dr. Turok in Fox River Grove. They were a great pleasure to work with.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.
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Hi, Don't know if you are still checking this, but how has everything turned out? Do you have any bumps and how long was ur recovery time? What's the name of your doctor? I'm in So Cal as well and i'm just starting to look up doctors.
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Hello! What areas did you have done? I just had my flanks, posterior hips, upper & lower abs & bra pads done. I had to go back to work right away & I don't feel so hot :(.

How long did you have to wear your compression garment & binder for?
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Name not provided

The staff was great and really kind. the Dr. is a great man and honestly a very knowledgeable individual. He takes great pride in his work. Easy to communicate with and understand.

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