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I had a mild face lift in my early 30's to deal...

I had a mild face lift in my early 30's to deal with some sagging issues with my skin. I had a few deep lines above my upper lip and my doctor suggested I do dermabrasion on the area since I would be under anesthesia. The immediate aftermath was a little scary. My skin developed a thick crusty scab which was gross. Not something that you would even dream of heading out in public with. It was REALLY important not to pick the scab. You have to wait for it to fall off by itself. After it fell off, I treated the area with neosporin. It stayed pink for about a month which I could easily blend with make-up. I am really pleased with the results as my lines where significantly reduced and have not returned 3 years later. I can't imagine doing it to the entire face though as it seems so aggressive.
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