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I love my invisalign. I am 29yrs old and didn't...

I love my invisalign. I am 29yrs old and didn't want train tracks in my mouth. I love to smile and always wanted straight teeth. I noticed results within 2 months. I have two friends that got them b/c they saw the results of mine.

Your teeth are a little sore when you change your trays but they aren't to bad. Sometimes if your trays are really tight then you should wear your tray a few extra days. The typical time to change trays are 2wks but everyone is different. I think that the people the write that it doesn't work must not ware their trays like they should. i only take mine out to eat and drink anything that would stain my teeth. I love them and I'm so glad I got them. Money well spent!

$4500 with out without insurance? if so, how much was deducted? you did the half or full year set of trays?
Hey so invisilign works with snaggle teeth.
dr. linn

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