I had smart lipo on march 19th, upper and lower...

I had smart lipo on march 19th, upper and lower abs. During the procedure I was getting so sick, My blood preasure kept dropping, I was white in the face and at one point I threw up. My doctor was so great, she would stop and bring me food then wait until my vitals were normall again. Soup, juice, water etc. I reacted this way because I took to much medication before my procedure, I should have taken 1 vicodin and 1 ativan and instead I took 2 of each. I am also slightly anemic. I also didnt have a very good breakfast. ( I was told to eat a well rounded breakfast)

This went all for 8 hours, at one point I asked to take a nap and she let me sleep for about 30 minutes until I felt better. She eventually decided to stop and she will do the procedure again in 6 months.

She was able to get out 1/2 liter of fat. She really did a good job on what she was able to do. I see a huge difference and it was noticable right away. I was very bruised for a couple days but I see a big difference in what she was able to do.I had a hard time sleeping at night because of the garment but really my recovery has been easy. Im very dissapointed she didnt get to finish. Now I have to wait 6 months before she can do that part of my body again. Im doing my love handles in 3 weeks. I cant wait!!

It is uncomfortable during the procedure and even though I was sick It was worth it to me.

She did an amazing job and gave great care...my stomach is way improved and I wish I had lots of $ so I could do more!

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I used a family practice/ general surgeon Doctor that was trained for smart lipo. **she is amazing**

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Hey there, sorry to hear about how you felt sick during the actual procedure and that now you have t owait for it to be finished up in that areas. But, now you have a better idea of what to do and what not to do before it, so your love handle procedure will probably go much better. And this time, maybe even ask if she can put you out with twilight IV sedation, if you want, since that would prevent all your issues during surgery. Also, though, 6 months seems like a really long time for the doc to have to wait to touc it up...I guess she just wants to be careful, now that swelling has aet in and is running its ocurse, that she doesn't lipo swelling areas by accident, thinking it's fat. Waiting is smart at this point for that area, and will likely lead to better end results. Best of luck in 3 weeks!!
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