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I had smart lipo done  Jan. 27, 2009. I saw...

I had smart lipo done  Jan. 27, 2009. I saw results as soon as I got of the bed. I had my outer hip area done. It is not total painless, but it is bearable.

I did my research and I called and look around. The doctor I chose is experienced and very friendly. I don't do free advertising, but she is great. Make sure whoever you choose to do your procedure does exactly what you want them to do. If you have to make a long drive, make yourself and musical CD and go.

If you're in Texas, Dr. Bill Johnson has been on Good Morning Texas numerous times and was the first one to do Smart Lipo, I'll be having a procedure in 2 days.
im like everyone else on here whats the docs name. i was thinking about getting it done. and you got any pics
I'm like 4hours away from atlanta. Help!!!!!!!!!!
Name not provided

My doctor is the bomb. Sorry I don't do free advertising.

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