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I have stretch marks after my first baby and the...

I have stretch marks after my first baby and the Green Peel gave me better look after the first treatment. In just 5 days my stretch marks were almost gone, my skin was soft and clean. It felt like new. I am saving for the second treatment so I will finally get my pretty belly back. It is worth it for me. Better than surgery.
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I'm curious about this and stretchmarks. I have read that's impossible to do but I've seen several say the green peel works great on them. Do you have before and after pics?? I have stretchmarks and I want them gone too lol Ty in advance.
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Hi Hymie,

Thanks for joining the community. As you said you are curious about stretchmarks here is the link to our stretchmarks page I would check out the questions and let me know if I can help in directing you to other sections. Please keep us updated.



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Yea where in greenville??? wuld luv to know.
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I wuld like to find a dr to do this as well is there any in greenville sc area??
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Not a comment....just trying to find someone in the Columbia, South Carolina area who is licensed to do Dr. Schrammek's green peel??? Please HELP...and don't suggest the European Spa in Orangeburg, SC...not good enough!!!
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