Love Restylane - Hate Perlane! Beware.

I have use restylane for two years with "primo"...

I have use restylane for two years with "primo" results in my nasalfolbs, lips, nad marionette lines at the corners of my mouth. I used it every 6 months and was told that I have quite a bit of new collegen growth. Last week I decided I would cut the cost and go for the so-called gold, Peralne. It was the sister long term product that had larger particles than restylane. Buyer beware! My original smile is all gone! Evedently, less is best when you stsrt with the Restylane products since it builds collegen. Forget the costs here. If you do this every 6 months you do have new growth. And if you add the MOTHER product into to the mix, it is way too much for your face to handle. You puff up in that area and you can not smile natually. It stinks for me to think that I now have to wait a year to see my pretty smile again. I had this done by a dermatologist. Be careful whom you go to. Next time, I'll pay the extra to go have it done by a cosmetic surgeon.
This was avery painful experience to me. I had it along with botox. Besides the fact that it was so painful, my eyes became very sensitive to light. I still have pain in the injection sites. No, it didn't last. I'm wondering will the pain ever go away? Never again.
Hi all I am 33 and want to get restylane next week for the nasolabial fold . please advise on where to go in toronto and how much will i be paying. thank you all Editor note: you must join RealSelf so you can be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. This requires free registration for an account. When registering you must opt-in to receiving private contacts (a check box).
I had mine done in a plastic surgery center -- by an RN. My cost was $790. This is the same place that charged me $770 for Botox for just my forehead area. The Botox (last fall) was so great that I spent the money for the Perlane. I hate it. I have visible lumps and I was bruised for two weeks. Yes, my wrinkle is slightly smaller, but I feel so CHEATED. I hate Perlane.
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