I noticed I was starting to look tired and wanted...

I noticed I was starting to look tired and wanted a safe, long lasting filler. I went to a local place who recommended Radiesse.

They did my cheeks and folds and I LOVE IT!!! It has made me look SO good and I am so proud of how I look. I wasn't sure what the cheeks would do but it just makes me look a little younger and lifted up on my fold so I didn't look "heavy".

I had a few friends that had tried Restylane and Jeviderm and they were disappointed by how fast it went away. It has now been 9 months and it still looks AMAZING!!! I would recommend it to anyone!


I LOVE Radiesse. It was the best thing I've ever done. I looked tired and my skin looked dead. I had Radiesse injected around my laugh lines and mouth. Botox injected in the lines of my forehead. I look and feel so much better. I lost my husband to cancer four months ago and I felt like I deserved this treatment.
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One more question...did you bruise much? Also, did injecting your cheeks help fill in your undereye hollows at all? I have sunken cheeks and hollowed eyes...:0(
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I had a little bruise but my friend didn't bruise at all. I didn't have under-eye hollows so I don't know!
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Very knowledgeable and very experienced with all the fillers so I trusted their recommendation.

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