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I have always had heavy upper eyelids and as I...

I have always had heavy upper eyelids and as I passed 40 years old, they really started getting heavier and drooping. I found myself constantly lifting my brow to get my lids off of my eyes.

At 44 yrs old I had upper bleph. I am 5 weeks out and am so happy with the decision. The scars are still red and I have a little hypertrophic scarring on one side that seems to be getting better with silicone scar gel. Overall, the result is just what I wanted. I didn't tell anyone and nobody has questioned me, except for why I look so good! I told my surgeon I wanted a subtle change, very natural, but get the lids off of my eyes. He removed some fat, muscle & skin.

My lids were asymmetrical to begin with, and my surgeon did a phenomenal job making them better while still balancing my eyes, which are also not symmetrical. The bruising lasted for 3 weeks, which was longer than I thought. I only had uppers done, but the bruising was under my eyes. I still have a tiny bit of swelling, but it usually goes away by mid-day.

This surgeon is incredibly talented with a wonderful bedside manner and impeccable credentials. He also performed smartlipo on my chin and neck, which was immediately noticeable. At 5 weeks out, I'm ecstatic with the results. I can't believe I waited so long to do this.

Thank you for sharing your experience! As a male, at age 51, I have had hooded, droopy eyelids for at least 10 years now and I am not happy with how they look. They also affect my vision at times. My main concern is finding a reputable doctor and it sounds like your doctor is the man for me! I am from Maine and would not have a problem traveling to Boston. Do you know is insurance covers the procedure if it is medically necessary, rather than cosmetic? Thanks for your help!
Yes, if it is medically necessary. The opthomologist will do what they call a "tape test". They test your eyes as they are, then test with the lids taped up to mainly test your peripheral vision as far as I understand. I didn't to that, but I did ask about it. Call the cosmetic surgeon's office (ask for Suzanne) and I think they can give you a type of "prescription" for the test. Best of luck!
happy for you*
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My surgeon listened to every word I said, discussed everything with me and took as much time as I needed to consult. He is very sensitive to your feelings and makes you feel comfortable. He will be honest with what he thinks you do & don't need. His credentials speak for themselves, but I want to say he is worth traveling any distance for.

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