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I have have microdermabrasion at both a salon and...

I have have microdermabrasion at both a salon and a medical esthetician. It is worth it to go to a medical esthetician that can combine a medical grade solution along with a chemical peel. Beautiful results. If you have never had microdermabrasion and are considering it, be sure to ask if the machine is diamond point or crystals. Diamond point is a total RIP OFF! Make sure the machine uses crystals, because the results are much better.


It depends on which diamond microdermabrasion you do - its like an Italian shoe versus a chinese make shoe. Theres a huge difference! I have an aesthetician who does amazing treatments with diamond MD. Seriously, it cleans amazingly and its so relaxing. I love it.
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Here's the difference: the type of crystals used deposit heavy metals into the body (that is not good for you at all!) and diamond point does not, it does not hurt you.
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