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Love Love Love It WHY Did I Wait So Long

I had my Botox injections on Monday afternoon and...

I had my Botox injections on Monday afternoon and its Thursday evening. I can already tell a difference. Can't wait for another week.

I had a superficial line in my furrow and three superficial lines across my forehead had a total of about 10-12 injections - 3 in furrow and about 7 on forehead. No pain what-so-ever!

Dr. was excellent. He knows what he is doing. I talked to several of the nurses in the office, BTW they all looked great. I walked out of the office and no one could have guessed what I was seeing him for. No swelling, no raised mosquito like bumps at injection site.

Over the last two days I have felt my forehead tighten. Its like the wrinkles are melting away.

I highly recommend this procedure. I am very health conscious and had no problem have this toxin injected into my face. I wanted the botox injected above eyebrow for a mini-lift but MY Dr. told me because of my muscle structure it would be best not because of eyelid dropping. I was thrilled he would NOT do it, as many docs would. He took time to really study my face.

I'm scheduled to get Juvederm in my smile lines on May 12th I will post my results in the Juvederm section.

Congrats on your fabulous results! I would, however, urge you to avoid equating a lack of bumps at the injection site with anything other than good luck. Depending on the concentration of the solution, you might not see as many bumps if more Botox were used relative to the saline used to dilute it. I've had VERY good results using less (and charging less) Botox in more saline. The only downside is a very temporary swelling at the injection site that is often gone before leaving the office. Nonetheless, Botox is able to do some very interesting and cool things isn't it??!! Keep it up! BKB
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Highly trained. Only does facial surgery on eyes and forehead.

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