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I just got one syringe a month ago and the nurse...

I just got one syringe a month ago and the nurse spread it all over my face.  She put it under my eyes and on my cheeks as well as the nasolabial folds.  I wish I had enough to get another syringe as it wasn't enough but my dermatologist has offered Sculptra at 500 a treatment so I want to put my money into something that will last longer.

I had my nasal labial folds and marionette lines done 6 weeks ago....I posted some before and after photos here. It's all about the doctor. Mine was great and I would do it again in a NY minute. Doc also told me if you do it for 3-4 years on a regular basis your natural collagen starts repairing itself and you will no longer need injections. She did her mother in law for 3 years and now at 64 the woman no longer needs injections at the area where she previously injected.
Hi, I have been getting botox and restlyne plus an eye lift and lipo in my chin and venneeras,. Holy cow, Im 51 and going nuts.I had radiese last week, it was 700. my Dr.shot it in my chgeeks,. looks great. I felt the stuff fillinbg up my face near the bone it was weird.I want to go back and get it in my nasoil creases, this lasts one year, where as the restylne and botox only last 3 to 4 mionths,.
Had it done today and wow she showed me my before and after an all i can say is thank you. the injection was not bad i had a very careful doctor no bruising,it looks really good. cant wait to see in about month..
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