Love the Latisse Results!

I have been using Latisse for 6 months and my...

I have been using Latisse for 6 months and my eyelashes are almost too long! I have red hair and "clear" lashes. No darkening of the color of my eyelashes or iris has occured for me. I do sometimes have red itchy eyes in the morning, but a little Visine helps. I only use it every third night now that my lashes are sooo long, to keep up the results.

Can I ask - how long did you use this product for and is there a time limit? I have been using the generic bimaprotost and think it is fantastic. I have used it since the 11.11.09 till today 28.2.10. I dont know how long it should be used as I got it on the internet and nothing was in the instructions about this.
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