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I've had five Laser Genesis treatments, spaced...

I've had five Laser Genesis treatments, spaced about 1 month apart.  The treatments were done in about 20 minutes and I went right back to work. My skin got very warm during the treatment as I was treated in small sections around my entire face.  My complexion would be red/flushed after the treatment (because I'm very fair) but by the time I was back at work, my skin looked fine.

Long term, I saw improvements to the pores on my forehead, nose and chin (I don't have visible pores on my cheeks, yay).  My skin looked and felt smoother.  My tiny crowsfeet were gone.  And the texture.  I noticed it right away - putting on lotions, serums or sunblock.  My skin was like silk.  And the "flushiness" on my cheeks disappeared; I had the porcelain skin back from my childhood. I got compliments at work and by strangers after my second treatment which continues through today.  :)

For $250/treatment and great looking skin without impacting my social life one bit - I will definitely recommend Laser Genesis as a great way to improve your skin. 

That's great to hear. I just had my first one and liked it too. Where did you get yours?
Yay! So happy to read there is a laser that isnt scarring people or causing fat loss.. this site is littered with horror stories.
Thanks soo much for letting us know did lot of tanning beds i have had the 1540 fractional 2 four weeks apart for had vessels broken capillaries melasma pore rosacea tightning. didn't see an improvement. my skin changed its now oily pores didn't reduce im more red know on the cheeks, and have started to get rosacea bumps which i never had. so now i was scared and would love to try the laser genesis after your review would like to have nice silky skin again which i had before.
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