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Over the last 4 years, I have had two Restylane...

Over the last 4 years, I have had two Restylane treatments, neither of which turned out well. Very lumpy and obvious-looking for up to 18 months.

What I learned is that the nurse/doctor who injects the product is the crucial part. A week and a half ago I had Juvederm injected into several areas on my face. I finally look like the "after" pictures in the hyaluronic manufactures' adverisements -smooth, and completely natural appearance.

Juvederm, from what I understand, is of a smoother consistency, and is also FDA approved to last up to one year. The FDA approved Restylane for just 6 months. Restylane lasts longer when improperly injected (too close to the surface) - that is why mine lasted so long and looked so bad. I am so happy with the Juvederm!

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Terry Trudnak with Dr. Graper's office in South Park - Highly experienced and trained for the proper injection techniques.

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I'm in Charlotte and in the market for this, would love to know who was your doctor!
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Terry Trudnak with Dr. Graper's office in South Park. She treats both me and my husband. We are thrilled with the results.
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Was it painful? I live in Moyocl, NC and am willing to travel for a good DR
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Unless you are the kind whe cannot tolerate any small pinch, then definitely it is not painful. The only thing I think about prior to going in is how great I will look after the procedure. Juvederm now makes a filler with a numbing agent mixed in - but it is slightly more costly and frankly, not worth it. The regular Juvederm solution is not a problem, because the nurse applies a topical numbing agent right on the injection site prior to injecting anyway! I don't even need the topical numbing agent, but it is included in the price of the regular Juvederm treatment, so I go with that. Ms. Trudnak at Graper plastic surgery SouthPark is the best - and she will have you hold a mirror up at various times during the procedure so you can make sure that the filler is exactly how you like it and where you like it. Good luck!!!!
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I got Juvederm around my mouth two years ago at Graper. It just finally wore off (although I'm still not nearly as wrinkly as I was before the injections). Loved it and going back for a refresher as soon as I can afford it.
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