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I had a syringe in my cheeks on friday. I could...

I had a syringe in my cheeks on friday. I could see results right away and look 10 years younger! I just hope it lasts. I think I would like to add a bit more in my cheeks when I go back in 2 weeks for my check up.

It was painless and I had no dental block. I did feel the sticks but it was only like 4 sticks in each cheek and took maybe 10 minutes from start to finish. I was a bit swollen on Friday but on Saturday it was gone. No brusing at all. My injector was Great.

I am getting my lips done and I am scared of the pain but I was so worked up on friday after reading these reviews and it was a breeze. Maybe it wont be too bad. How long do I need to stay out of the sun I forgot to ask?

I had Radiesse again today. I needed to go get more in my cheeks. It was not painful at all. I also had my lips injected with Juvederm now that was not fun! I would not go numb she tried several times to numb me with a dental block as well as the topical. I must admit my injector is THE BEST! She is an RN and I knew right away this is who I would entrust with my face! She will loose a sell before she will over inject someone! That tells you alot about her. If you would like to contact me or Cheryl please leave me a comment or send me a message. Let me add I have not bruised at all and have very little swelling! Its all in how it is done and my injector knows her stuff!
Cheryl Ozbolt, RN

she is in the process of changing spas i will update later with her info!

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