I have had Radiesse injected into my N/L folds,...

I have had Radiesse injected into my N/L folds, the prejowl sulcus, and the cheek area, with phenomenal results. I did bruise rather extensively in the cheek area, with very minor bruising in the N/L, marionette lines and prejowl areas. Painful? Yes, but I don't like the anesthetic so I do it and Restelayne in the lips without, only hurts for a minute, and for me, it's better than having numb lips for a couple of hours. I LOVE the results, and will continue with both Radiesse and Restelayne until something even better comes along!
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Hi Ceecee, I also live in Boston, is $780 per syringe? or it is the total for all the area you have injected? can you tell me who did you go to? Thanks
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Hi Ceecee, I live in Boston too and am loking for a good Doc to do Restlane for Marionette lines. Can you tell me who you went to. Thanks
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