Love It! Finally!!!

I love the juvederm! I wouldn't recommend it...

I love the juvederm! I wouldn't recommend it unless you feel that you really need it though - it isn't really a pleasant experience but well worth it! I had laugh lines that made me look much older than I am. I got the procedure today and I hope that it will last the entire 9 months!

My wife is 50. Since she turn 40 the parentesis lines around her mouth is getting deeper. Can you please tell me where you went to get the Juverderm done? She always tells me how the lines make her look old. Anyway you can tell me where of how to get in contact with that doctor before the holidays? Thank you
i would like to hear how you feel about it after 5 months. Did you get pictures?
I had juvederm ultra today at dermatologist's office, for naso-labial lines and some around the mouth. I am 60 years old. I completely recomment this, the anticipation is way worse than the procedure. Topical anesthesia was mildly uncomfortable, but felt nothing at all with the actual juvederm injection. It took less than 15 minutes and I am completely delighted. Great improvement!
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He was great!

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