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Love the Difference After Only 4 Days.

I'm a 44 year old woman with 3 kids and naturally...

I'm a 44 year old woman with 3 kids and naturally my face has begun to droop. On Friday February 8th, I had my procedure, after just 4 days, I see a huge difference on my face, jaw line and the the area under my jaw. My 20 year old daughter couldn't get over how tight my jaw line looked, she says it looks like hers. Thermage has given me a lot of confidence and I can't wait to go out this weekend to show off my new look. I've also had juvederm and botox so that even adds more to the results. The pain was bad and I had to have the tech stop a few times. I just wish they had prescribed stronger meds. Would I do this all over again, YES!!! For me it was totally worth it. No redness, swelling or bruising.
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I had Thermage done on my eyes on Feb 11th. Immediately after I thought I saw some improvement. The next day I had some swelling to my upper eyelids. Today I can not see any difference.
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Hi Jill, I had it done at Arianna on Pecos.
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HI - can you tell me where you had this done? Editor note: you must join RealSelf so you can be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. This requires free registration for an account. When registering you must opt-in to receiving private contacts (a check box).
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Any updates??

I had the procedure yesterday and would love to hear more about your results.  How long did the improvements continue for?  I heard that improvements can continue up to 1 year although the company says 6 months.  I did notice a VERY slight swelling immediately after and as of day 1, I can not see any difference which is what  I was told to expect.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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