I Love my Implants but I Wish I Went Bigger!

My doctor did a great job, especially considering...

My doctor did a great job, especially considering that I was assymetrical.   I should have listened to him though when he advised me to go bigger than 350 ccs.  I feel that because I am bottom heavy, I should be a D on top rather than a full C.   It is a lot of money and pain to go through it all again just yet, I will probably wait a few more years.

My advice is go a litter bigger than you think you want, you get use to the size fast.

Dr. Zuniga

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how much did you pay?
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I'm sorry I just sad updated my location.... I am now in San Antonio and t t as s where I had this consultation....
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Yes I agree to a size bigger. I recently had mine done 2 months ago and I went to a full C,but I should have gotten a small D.After the swelling goes away, the implants goes down as well. So for anyone going into surgey, go a size bigger.
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