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I am 37 and have great skin but i have that 11...

i am 37 and have great skin but i have that 11 between my eyebrows and just tiny lines on my forehead i go every 4 mos. and i only pay per unit as i dont need a full throttle on the botox. however i LOVE it... my sis and friends are addicted.

no miracle creams or serums can make lines disappear. it can soften them but not rid them so stop wasting money on the silly miracle creams as they dont do wut this botox can i wish it lasted longer.

Barbara Nelson, NP - 973-264-3599

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rite now i go to an np her name is {edited}. shes in parsippany nj on rt 46 west. she works for a plastic surgeon shes so gentle and so many of her old dr's clients now go to her for fillers she does all fillers. my sis goes to her and loves her her # is {edited} tell her kristi sent u :)))


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oh btw the price i have on her varies i dont pay 180 i pay more. i would say like 400 now. that was w diff dr. he wasnt that great i saw lines after two mos.
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yeah, please do tell who was the great doctor !
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Hi who do you go to for your botox injection?
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