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I am considering having the Gastric Bypass. I had...

I am considering having the Gastric Bypass. I had a lap band placed 2 1/2 years ago. I lost a total of 79 pounds to only regain 50 back due to stress at work. I also had to have all the fluid pulled out and start over. Now having problems with being to tight or not tight enough. Anyone experience this or have any suggestions?


Hi, I had the exactly the same experience. I ended up having my band removed after 2.5 years. I was offered a gastric bypass at no charge - I just had to wait 3 months after the band was removed. I was not ready to do this as I wanted to research it more. I ended up waiting 12 months and put on 30kgs. I am now 6 weeks post gastric bypass surgery and it truly is the best thing I have ever ever done. you don't have the adjustment worries, the being too tight etc. I have never vomited and you don't get that awful pain that you get when food gets stuck.
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Hi there, welcome!

I'm sorry you seem to be having problem with your band. Have you spoken to your doctor about it, to see what the issue may be or to check if the band has slipped at all?

I considered the band, but I don't think I could do all of the fills with the needles, etc. I have opted for the Gastric Sleeve instead.

Have you spoken to anyone yet, about possibly changing to the bypass?

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I did speak to my doctor regarding the band and he stated that I am just one of those rare people that have this type of issue where I'm either extremely too tight with the Fills or I'm not tight enough and that he doesn't think I'm going to be successful at this point with my band and so I am moving to have the bypass. I am just extremely fearful of having another surgery and not being successful
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