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12 days post SMAS with fat transfer. Very...

12 days post SMAS with fat transfer. Very disappointed with results. Obvious lines at the temples due to wrong vector of pull.. I have hidden in my house since this procedure and cannot even imagine having to have this redone. I could have saved myself alot of money, time off, weight loss and severe anxiety by just leaving my face alone and accepting the wrinkles that I had.

Any photos to post?

I'm so sorry you're not happy with your results so far. :( How are you doing now... any improvement?

Left side of my face is still hard with brusing and change in the texture of the skin on my cheek area. It is lumpy also. This has been here since right after surgery. The surgeon did revise the left temple area by extending the incision into the temple area and redraping the skin. It looks better than it did - but I have alot of wrinkling around my eyes. It was like the tightened skin was stopped at at this point and pulled to the sides. I had the corrigator muscle cut between my eyes to keep my from frowning as I have formed deep frown lines and kept a headache alot from over using the muscles. 6 weeks later and I can still frown and now I have a knot above each eye in the eyelid that feels about like a pea. I don't know if this is from scar tissue or fat transfer or if it will go away. I hope these will go away without the surgeon having to remove them. The right side of my face has healed great. I also had some fat infected into the area above my upper lip. It has changed the look of my mouth completely. It is like a have a swollen upper lip and it weights down the corners of my mouth. I did not want to change my features - only get rid of loose skin. I hope this continues to go down, I don't look like myself. I am trying to be patient. I returned to work last week and no-one in my office ever mentioned that I looked better or that they thought I had a facelift. The pretty much confirms my fears that this facelift did not have a good outcome. I have a follow up visit scheduled next week. Anxious to hear what the surgeon thinks about my healing and outcome.
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I had an accident last year and went to a Board Certified Otolaryngolist and also Board certified Plastic surgeon to revise scar tissue of face and septoplasty needed due to accident and thought since I already had to have surgery that this would be the time to perform a facelift. I was trying to be discreet about facelift and took adequate time off from work for healing. It is very obvious that I have had work done due to these obvious lines at the temples due to vector of pull. I am trying to be patient and give this time before I rate the final outcome.

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