41 Years Old, Mastopexy with Implants, Currently 34 B/C - Louisville, KY

I'm 41 years old, I have 3 children and breast fed...

I'm 41 years old, I have 3 children and breast fed all 3. I am currently a deflated 34 B/C, desire a full C/D. Preop appointment on September 4. Surgery date is 9/15/14. Mastopexy lollipop incision, PS recommends textured gel implants under the muscle 325cc. (may go slightly bigger-will see at prop). My PS is Dr. Salzman, Louisville KY

Getting nervous!

I went for my preop appointment today. I received a lot of information, it is quite overwhelming! I received preop and post op instructions, and had lab work done. I got my prescriptions: Lortab, Phenergan, and Keflex. Also bought arnica to reduce swelling/bruising. I will get cream to reduce scar appearance at 1st post op.
To clarify, I will be getting Textured gel implants 325cc, moderate profile to be placed under the muscle, with anchor (not lollipop) lift.
I expressed my feelings about going larger but they said that going larger would cause me to sag too much and would need another lift eventually if I went bigger. I was told the 325's would bring me to D cup. So if this is true I will be happy. My PS has a great reputation, so I trust that he will do a great job.
Surgery is in 10 days. I'm going through some mixed emotions: excitement, fear, doubt, guilt. I guess these are all normal feelings. I just hope I do not regret this. Reading through the "possible but unlikely" risks doesn't help much. I just need to put everything away for today and revisit it when I'm thinking more clearly.

Post Op Day 1 BL BA - Louisville, KY

I'm nearly 24 hours past my procedure. Yes there is soreness and pain, but it is tolerable. I guess what you see in my pic can be termed frankenboob. It feels like they're right under my chin.
Luckily I have not had any nausea/vomiting. Probably the most unsettling is I feel like I can't get deep breaths due to the tightness.

I'm going to call my PS office today. Instructions said I can change out dressings but I never got any replacements. I can also bathe today.

I have no idea of what my new girls look like yet. Post op is next week.
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Congratulations on the new you!
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Thank you for taking the time to start a review on RealSelf! Will you have some help with your children the first few days of your recovery? We would love to see some wish boob pictures if you have any. Keep us posted!
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