Pre-op appointment in the morning

I have been thinking of BA and lipo for a while....

I have been thinking of BA and lipo for a while. After having my 3rd child at 40 and breast feeding my body wasn't the same. I breast fed and my breasts were terrific, then they just deflated when I stopped. I am 44 years old, 5'8" and 170 lbs. I work out regularly. I decided to do this for my birthday in February. I know that this is just the boost that my confidence needs I am excited and nervous has anyone else ever done this combination? How was it? How long did it take to heal? Im pretty nervous about the anesthesia and the recovery time. My PS, uses a method called "twilight" anesthesia that does not require intubation. its supposed to be a little easier to recover from. I'm also debating about how large to go. I do want a nice large look. So many of my girlfriends have done it and they are so happy. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community. Thanks for any comments.

Happy early birthday! Good for you for doing something for yourself. Here's what some doctors say about doing breast aug and lipo together (sounds like it's a pretty common procedure).

Please keep us posted! I'm looking forward to following along on your journey.


Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment. I'm so excited....

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment. I'm so excited. I'm still not sure about what size to get but I'm going to try sizes again tomorrow. I'll update after my appointment.
I hope your pre op goes great!!dont forget to take pictures with your sizers on;)

So, I went to my pre-op appointment and tried on...

So, I went to my pre-op appointment and tried on the sizers. At first I was going to go with natrelle 659cc moderate profile under the muscle. I am super excited. I'm posting pictures with the sizers on. Surgery on January 10th!!! See you on the other side.
How are you feeling??!
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