Getting a BBL and Breast Augmentation/Implants for my Next Birthday - Louisville, KY

I've hated my body my entire life, even after...

I've hated my body my entire life, even after losing a mad amount of weight... I realized it was just my lack of curves I was unhappy with. I had lost a large amount of weight and ended up being 5'3" and 90 lbs, and after recovering from my eating disorder, I have gotten back up to 100-105. 32-34 A/B. Still small breast, no curves, no butt. And I really, really just want to have large breasts and a defined waist followed by a large and shaped buttox. If I acheive these, I feel that eating and being healthy would be so much easier.

My main questions are about the costs and requirements.
I would be willing to put on weight and do whatever it took to become eligible, but I am concerned about back to back procedures for both the breast implants and butt lift.

My hopes are to have a very defined waist line, a big round butt, and a full C cup size.
My expectations aren't obscene, but I am hoping for this to be the thing that changes my horrible thoughts on my body.


Keep us posted but you know intense lunges and dead lifts create a very muscular butt you will need a bbl tho for it to be extra big

Hey there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

I'm sure you'll get lots of advice and support from the other BBL girls, who can also tell you how it fels to have more than one procedure done at once. In the meantime, check out the BBL guides section. We have lots of useful information that you may find interesting, to help you.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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