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I had a facial fat transfer to treat acne scars...

I had a facial fat transfer to treat acne scars with Dr. Banis last year and it was a terrible experience. He over filled my scars and even a year later I still have obvious fat pockets on my cheeck & a deep scar on my chin worse than I was even scarred before. I had huge knots all over my face and two huge painful knots on each side of my chin and cheeks for the better part of a year. He put so much fat in some places he had to do liposuction to suck the fat out 3months later, which was painful and left even deeper scars. Whenever I complained he always said it had not been enough time, but even a year later people still ask me what happened to my face. I had a second opinion from a different doctor 6 months later who agreed he had severely over-filled my face & taught me how to stretch & massage the knots to make them less noticeable, but even after a year and a laser peel I still have to massage a huge knot on my cheek twice a day. My friends told me he ruined my facd. I am disfigured because of Dr. Banis.
Thank you for taking the time to share your story, I am so sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience with your treatment. Gosh, it sounds so painful both mentally and physically. Did the massaging the other doctor recommended help? 
Yes, it actually did. Thank God it was my own fat and my body eventually absorbed most of it, but there's still a huge welt on my right cheek that will probably never go away.
Well I am glad you got some relief! Never say never, I am sure there is something that can help your right cheek. Why don't you post a picture to the Doctors on the site and see what they suggest. 

My huge knot

Wendy, so sorry about this. Thank goodness I saw your post as I was going to have him fat graft my chin, not neck, where he performed liposuction. He has used filler to correct this, but it still isnt right. What doctors here in Louisville have you seen about this as I need this fixed. Thanks so much!
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It was awful. He was never rude, but he disfigured my face.

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