Lift or Augmentation Only? 2 Drs Have Had Different Opinions - Louisville, KY

I have been to 2 of the best surgeons in my area....

I have been to 2 of the best surgeons in my area. one says I need a full lift the other says gel implants 400 cc only will do it. I felt more confidence in the dr that says ba only and have scheduled my surgery. I am now second guessing it. as you can see I have BAD stretch marks from puberty and low breasts. I dont want to draw negative attention to them. I have learned how to hid them with the right clothing and am scared I wont be able to do so afterwards

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It sounds like the doctors in the RealSelf Q&A are leaning toward a lift, but it's difficult for them to make a final diagnosis with only photos. Any chance the PS you feel most comfortable with is willing to do a lift? Perhaps that PS is not comfortable with that procedure though. Keep researching as I agree, you don't want to do a second surgery. Keep us posted!

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