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RetinA and Spider Veins - Louisiana

I recently used RetinA as it was recommended to me...

I recently used RetinA as it was recommended to me by a Dermatologist to help prevent the development of future sebaceous hyperplasia. I used the product exactly 6 times and it helped to exfoliate the skin on my nose. In doing so, it made a ton of spider veins on my nose bright red and so much more visible. It didn't cause the spider veins, but made the existing ones readily apparent.

Beware and don't use RetinA if you are prone to spider veins! I am using Differin gel now and it is much better. Now I have to get laser treatment for the veins and even then, will probably have to get treatments every 6 months to a year for the rest of my life to help keep the veins under control. I am in my early 30's.

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Thank you for letting us know what you experienced. What a bummer. :( How long have you been off Retin-A now? I'm wondering/hoping that perhaps if you are off it for a while the veins will become less noticeable again.

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I have been off the RetinA for about a month now and they aren't any less visible. I have been to two dermatologists that say it wasn't the medicine that made them more visible. But I know they weren't there before! I am now on Differin cream for the last week and I still think more are popping up. I am scheduled for my first non purpuric vbeam treatment for the veins in a little over a week. I will update after the treatment.
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Sounds good - I hope the treatment goes well for you!!

Also, here is a link to the V Beam community. I thought you might like taking a look in there if you haven't checked it out yet. :)

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