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So I'm having breast augmentation surgery Friday...

So I'm having breast augmentation surgery Friday which is n like two days and I need an excuse to tell my job I work from home... Therefore i don't have many excuses I am able to use and I most certainty do not want them to know my personal business.. My sister suggested a wisdom tooth but I don't know if that's a good excuse... They know i had a doctors appt today though


You could say that you had to have a cyst in your breast aspirated or a benign lump taken out of your breasts.
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How did the surgery go? What is your new size? You can always tell work you had to have a female procedure done...that typically stops them from any further questioning.

Looking foward to an update soon. Happy Healing!

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a death in the family, the flu, getting your appendix removed, migranes theyre sending you for testing/mri, lol some ideas
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