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Having Leather Like Skin on Day 4 - Los Gatos, CA

This is my 3rd Vpeel. I get them every 3 months to...

This is my 3rd Vpeel. I get them every 3 months to refresh my skin and help with pore size and brown spots. The first peel was amazing, peeled a lot and pain /itching was minimal. After four days I was wearing make up and meeting clients. I did have a little of this dried cracked leather like spots only on my chin and after a week it was gone. The second peel was fine - I didn't peel as much and the results were not as "amazing" but I was still pleased. I don't remember having any super dry leather like spots.

I am on day 4 of this peel and am really scared. My face has completely peeled off, which is fine but my entire Tzone feels and looks like leather. I apply the moisturizer and it barely helps. I typically am ready to go back out and wear makeup after day 4. I can't imagine that by tomorrow this will be healed. I also have a large red/ brown spot that has formed under my right eye. None of this has ever happened before.

I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if they can see me as I am very concerned. Has anyone else had this happen? I have to travel for work on Wednesday and am fearful I will still have this leather like face which will not absorb make up.

I really hope that I have not ruined my face :( I want to cry but am trying to stay calm as I can't see the doctor until tomorrow.

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Were you able to get in to see the doctor? What did they say? Please let us know how you are doing now.

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