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Skin Was Burnt After Vi Precision Peel (Asian Skin Type)

I asked my co-worker,a esthetician, who performs...

I asked my co-worker,a esthetician, who performs VI Peels at our salon to help me lighten my 2 age spots on my face. Apparently, I asked her for a spot treatment of the VI peel but instead she applied the VI precision peel on me without my knowledge. I immediately felt the burn and asked her what she did. She should not have perform that booster treatment on my skin as I told her I have extremely sensitive asian skin. I was very angry and felt there was lack of training and negligence on her part.

I contacted my dermatologist whom I known for over 8 yrss and she said that the pink part of my skin was BURNT.

After several calls, the VI peel company is horrible at returning calls. Managed to talk to someone from that VI peel company in Santa Monica, CA only 2 weeks later.

Now the peel left me 2 burnt scars even darker than the old age spots. The VI peel left me with PIH which hopefully will lighten up but it may take a very long time. I am now using pure organic rose hip oil and Epicuren Skin Lightener to help fade the scars as I broke out with a rash using 4% hydroquinone.

Pls only see a MD for a treatment. DO NOT RECOMMEND THE VI PEEL FOR BROWN SKIN. Buyer beware.

Am really sorry to hear your face was burned. I am curious that you mentioned the use of Epicuren skin lightener. Do you use any other of their products? I ask because I had a facial in Santa Fe in Nov. With all Epicuren products. I came out looking a decade younger. Every wrinkle gone, two age spots gone. Have fair skin, mid fifties. This lasted almost two months, cost only 150. Have found products on line but on the East coast, other than NYC no spas hardly are using the line. Thx for any info you might have.
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