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Good Results So Far - Los Angeles, CA

I got a groupon for 3 treatments for $99. at...

I got a groupon for 3 treatments for $99. at another location I got 3 treatments for $159 so saved money there.

I've had vela shape done on my Abs twice already. The 2 nurses were really nice, the first time it was very very uncomfortable & i was bruised a bit. It was warm, never got hot. &she was getting it to 42 not 40 like i read on some. The second time was comfortable & did not get burned or anything. so far I am seeing good results.

I am currently eating healthy & I just never managed to lose the belly fat on my upper & lower Abs. I lose about .5" an inch every week, & my waist was about 30" so I wanted to speed it up & tighten my skin as well. After my first vela shape treatment I lost a whole Inch on my waist & love handles. I've had my second but i measure a week after or before my next appointment. So far everything looks good. Not really using it for cellulite just to tighten up my Abs.


Hi panda, 

That's great that you were never burnt and it worked so well for you. How often will you have to continue with this procedure or is it permanent? 



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I have finished my Velashape procedures. 6...

I have finished my Velashape procedures.
6 total, abdomen.
The last 3 were in a different place, &the nurse did not check the temperature but did it for a period of time. I think it was better, it was comfortable &the last 4 were on level 3, the highest.



Dropped a pants size & I used Nivea good bye cellulite to keep the smoothness. I already had it &just wanted to use it.


where did you have it done?

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