Open rhinoplasty - Uneven Nostrils After Rhinoplasty - Los Angeles, CA

Open rhinoplasty to correct uneven bridge and also...

Open rhinoplasty to correct uneven bridge and also to remove droopy tip. Happy with results but not sure about scar tissue and nostrils.

I had the procedure done in los angeles california in December of 2009.

I had rhinoplasty about a month and half ago and my left nostril is a little bit smaller than my right nostirl. The area where my nose was cut for open rhinoplasty also shows more a bump type swelling which has remained the same since my cast was removed. There is also a lot of mucus on my right side where the nostril looks a bit larger. What can all of this be related to and can uneven nostrils be caused by swelling? An can using q tips to clean inside the nose affect the shape of the nose over time? should i stop using them to remove mucus?
I had closed rhinoplasty done 6 days ago, and my nostrils look obviously uneven, does anyone know if this is normal?
I am experiencing the same thing 6 weeks after open rhinoplasty! One of my nostrils seems smaller and more flexible, while the other is stiff still (perhaps more scar tissue?). I feel self-conscious that other people will notice. I am wondering if this was caused by me picking at my nose too much with a q-tip after surgery, also. I have to breathe through my mouth because there is still so much mucus that keeps forming. My doc said it is because of scar tissue and that will go down in a few months. I sure do hope so! Has there been any progress in your condition?
i have 2 month sinces my surgery and i still have a bump
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