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Much More Natural Than a Facelift - Los Angeles, CA

The procedure was somewhat uncomfortable but...

The procedure was somewhat uncomfortable but easily tolerated. I chose Ulthera because I did not want to spend time recovering from a facelift and someone else's idea of who I should look like. I pretty much liked the way I looked ....just the saggy skin irked me!

My results at age 70 were phenomenal...so much so that I rarely tell anyone how old I am! The nice part is that you continue to see changes for months.

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Are the results lasting?

thanks so much.

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Hi quiodetti,

Welcome to the Ulthera community. I'm so happy you found a procedure to make yourself look even better, in a way you were comfortable with. Did you have any downtime? How long had you been thinking about having this procedure done? Please keep us updated, and if you are comfortable sharing pictures we would love to see them.

Thanks so much for the review,


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