Titan Works - Good Experience As Patient and Practitioner

I've had good experience with this as a patient...

I've had good experience with this as a patient and practitioner (I am an RN at a medspa in LA). Best results seen when done in a series of three one month apart. The technique of the person administering the treatment is important.

Keep in mind it is not surgery. If you have a lot of laxity and are looking for a surgical result, might be better to go that route. Great for people just starting to notice some sagging who want a natural looking lift without going under the knife.

I am currently looking into having this procedure done but I am very sceptical about it working but most importantly scared that it could damage my face/skin. I consulted with a Dr. in Santa Monica but having read your post I was wondering if you would reveal the Medspa you mentioned and post before and after photos of your results.



We have before and after photos on our website of titan, the one on the left of the neck is our actual client.

 The other photo is from cutera. I personally didn't take photos but really noticed the little wiggle under my chin improve and a slight lift around my nasolabial folds.

You can book a consultation with on of our nurses, if you want to see me I'll email you privately. The fee for the consultation is $100 but you can use that towards any service you get in the clinic. We only charge for the consult to ensure people show up. Many people will book a facial right after their consult and use the $100 towards that.

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I work at the place that I've gotten my treatments so it seems wrong to recommend my own place, takes away from my review! Just do your research when selecting a doctor or nurse to perform your treatment. Ask to see their before and after photos.

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