Titan Works - Good Experience As Patient and Practitioner

I've had good experience with this as a patient...

I've had good experience with this as a patient and practitioner (I am an RN at a medspa in LA). Best results seen when done in a series of three one month apart. The technique of the person administering the treatment is important.

Keep in mind it is not surgery. If you have a lot of laxity and are looking for a surgical result, might be better to go that route. Great for people just starting to notice some sagging who want a natural looking lift without going under the knife.

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I work at the place that I've gotten my treatments so it seems wrong to recommend my own place, takes away from my review! Just do your research when selecting a doctor or nurse to perform your treatment. Ask to see their before and after photos.

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I am currently looking into having this procedure done but I am very sceptical about it working but most importantly scared that it could damage my face/skin. I consulted with a Dr. in Santa Monica but having read your post I was wondering if you would reveal the Medspa you mentioned and post before and after photos of your results.

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We have before and after photos on our website of titan, the one on the left of the neck is our actual client.

 The other photo is from cutera. I personally didn't take photos but really noticed the little wiggle under my chin improve and a slight lift around my nasolabial folds.

You can book a consultation with on of our nurses, if you want to see me I'll email you privately. The fee for the consultation is $100 but you can use that towards any service you get in the clinic. We only charge for the consult to ensure people show up. Many people will book a facial right after their consult and use the $100 towards that.

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Oops I'm sorry! I'll send it privately.
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Was that price special because you work there, or were you given a discount?
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No that is what we charge clients for the lowest priced Titan treatment. We charge up to $2500 for full face and neck but just $500 for focused areas.
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Hi Sophia77 I know these are old posts but can you send me the name or website of the office you had this done. Thanks

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