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Had a nose job done by a Dr who did not listen to...

Had a nose job done by a Dr who did not listen to what I wanted and ended up with a nose that was too small for my face, at least the bridge part. Had Radiesse put in and I LOOOVED the result but not loving the price, it only lasted 7 months so for $1,000 I was expecting more longevity to the result, but while it lasted it looked GREAT! Didnt really hurt much at all and was done in about 15 minutes.

yes it looks exacly the same after 7 months - my doctor was Dr Randal Haworth in Beverly Hills. I liked the result but for $1000.00 in this economy I am saving for a revision. plus - even though I liked the result I would never go to Haworth again due to the fact that he is the reason my nose is ruined in the first place.
I have to admit that I am guilty of being to hasty with my original review, I really did not give Dr Haworth a chance to revise my nose or at least see him to voice my concerns. I finally did go see him recently and we decided on a minor revision which I agreed to. I was very impressed with Dr Haworth and the fact that he offered me a revision. Thing about these kind of boards is that it is way to easy to just vent or to use it to divert the need to just communicate with your Dr and I am guilty of jumping the gun on Dr Haworth on this one.
Thanks Mark for your honesty and your humility. :) Although some doctors, like some people are not 'accountable' for their actions, most are :) I'm glad you are working through this with your doctor. Please keep us updated on the results
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